2022Platform: On Cite
2020Project: DIY Cultural Diplomacy
2019Speaker at the Urban Creativity Conference
Masters of Science with a Major in Urban Studies
2018Global Youth Culture Forum, Jeju, South Korea
Conference poster for The 2018 FRH Biennale Conference
Project: Caroli Park
Co-founded Urbana Frirum (non-profit organization)
2017One of the highest streaming DJ-Shows at P3 DinGata
Project: Situating Serenity
2016Performed at Club S.W.E in Paris
Listening Session #1 – Kanye West: TLOP & Live Stream
So&Such Block Party
Co-founded So&Such
2015Coordinator and Resident DJ at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
Nominated for Producer of the Year at Kingsizegalan
2014Som Fan’s debut album released
2013Rap group Som Fan signs with Sony Music Sweden
2012Project: Som Fan