Caroli Park

The former Caroli Church in the Caroli neighborhood in Malmö, Sweden.

Caroli Park explored how the increasing number of closed and desacralized churches in Sweden can be utilized. Both in terms of appreciating its value as a cultural heritage, its architectural qualities and location.

For three weeks the former church was transformed and made accessible to the public, with the help of 40 volunteers, the neighborhood, local companies and organizations, the Church of Sweden, and Malmö University.

Tourists, parents, children, neighbors, senior citizens, and students shared the church to read, nap, do acro yoga, meditate, fika, conversate, share stories and memories. This process gave the space new meanings and functions by inviting people to re-imagine it through spontaneous use.

Caroli Park was partly based on an urban studies blog called Situating Serenity, by me and Fernanda Jaraba Molt.