Caroli Park

Source: Sydsvenskan

The Caroli Park project aimed to address the need for non-commercial indoor public space (especially in the winter months), while acknowledging the reality that we have pre-existing centrally located historic community sites fit for that purpose but are currently falling out of public use.

Caroli Park was realized through openness and collaboration. For three weeks, between 10:00 – 19:00, the doors stood open and welcomed visitors from all over the city. Tourists, parents, children, neighbors, senior citizens, students all shared this one open church space to read, nap, do acro yoga, meditate, fika, hold spontaneous speeches, discuss, and share stories and memories. Caroli Park showed that the desacralized Caroli Church is more than just that. It has importance and houses great potential as a public indoor space. This process gave the space new meaning(s) and functions by inviting people to reimagine it together.