Assassino ft. Aspen

Assassino is a song that a starter working on in 2014 while exploring different rythms and drum patterns, following the years of producing and touring with the progressive rap group Som Fan. I had developed an urge for melody and a more organic soundscapes, relative to the 808 driven songs I produced with Som Fan. For this track I drew a lot of inspiration from kizomba, dancehall and R&B. The chords are quite simple and gives a lot of room for Aspen’s melody and harmonies.

Aspen is a great songwriter from Stockholm. In Assassino she express a confident and grown sensuality that is communicated comfortably through her seamless use of Swedish and English, while her voice give a vulnerable impression.

The song was released during the summer in 2016, rather incognito, and is available on all digital streaming services.